The Emerge Nursery: Where Faith Grows

Every Sunday Morning At 9 & 11AM

The Emerge Nursery at Riverside is a place for babies through PreK children to experience a safe environment in which they can begin to emerge into their faith journey. The word emerge is used to describe the process of breaking out of an egg or cocoon. Our goal is to partner with parents in serving our youngest children as they break into this world and direct their sights to our amazing creator. Our hope is that each child who moves from the Emerge Nursery to Odyssey will have experienced church as a safe and fun environment, where they are loved well, and where they can explore their growing wonder of knowing our great Savior Jesus.

For parents with Emerge Nursery aged children, please be advised that Emerge Nursery opens 15 minutes prior to events/services in which it is offered, and we ask that you pick up your children promptly following the event/service you are attending. They are excited to see you and this allows our team to clean, prep, and leave on time; it is viewed as a way to show your appreciation of our great team.

We utilize a check-in and checkout system that uses current technology to create a safe environment for all children and families at Riverside. We are excited to see you and if you plan to join us for the first time we can’t wait to meet you and do advise that you arrive a few minutes early to get setup in our check-in system. Please be certain to alert us, and add to the check-in system if there are any allergies or medical conditions that we need to be aware of.