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Moise Vaval is one of the lead pastors in the country of Haiti. He was made known to the American public right after the 2010 earthquake through the 60 Minutes program titled “The Lost Children of Haiti.” He is an encouragement to many, and people say that he carries “the light” with him everywhere he goes.

He introduces himself as a missionary. Indeed, he is. His passion for Jesus has taken him across the globe to speak to churches and other groups about the love of Jesus.

Moise received solid training from a Haitian seminary affiliated with U.S. schools. Pastor Moise and his wife Francoise planted a church on the western edge of Port-A-Prince Haiti. Though it wasn’t their plan, it was what The Lord was calling them to, so they walked in obedience. The Lord led them to an area located in the heart of the slums, where the Church, school and orphanage known as Source of Grace is now located. Over the last 10 years, Source of Grace Evangelical Church has become mother to five other churches, of which he had personally planted four. His ministry has led thousands of people to Jesus throughout the country of Haiti and is currently providing an education for about 500 children from the poorest parts of Haiti in two schools. They have also established two orphanages where they are caring for more than 100 children. The ministries comprise:

  • Source of Grace Port-au-Prince Church, School, and orphanage
  • Source of Grace Jumecourt School and Orphanage
  • Source of Grace Beauge
  • Source of Grace Fontamara
  • Source of Grace Gonaives
  • Source of Grace La Colline
  • Source of Grace Pemerle

After meeting Pastor Moise on our first trip to Haiti shortly after the earthquake in 2010, God continued to cross our paths over the next few years as we prayed about how the Lord wanted us to serve in Haiti. In 2012 we felt a call to partner with Pastor Moise and his ministry. We were captured by his love and heart for not only his community but country. He gave us hope that there are more people like him striving for a better future for Haiti. His passion is inspiring. A man full of integrity with a great sense of humor. It’s a privilege to get to take part in what The Lord is doing in Haiti alongside Pastor Moise.

Partnered with Source de la Grace and ReachGlobal to care for the communities around Port-au-Prince, our student team is going in June 4-10 and our team for individuals/families is going at the end of July 2017. Cost is $2000. Our student trip is full, our adult team has a max size of 12. You can join our team by registering here or contact Liz Mendoza at for more details.

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