For the past decade the Hope Center has been the hands and feet of Jesus to those who need support, care and compassion. Committed to bringing hope to the Bulverde/Spring Branch community during times of need, the ministry features a robust food pantry as well as financial counseling and support. A direct extension of Riverside, the Hope Center’s mission is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, one heart at a time.

The Commons is Riverside’s newest and most ambitious ministry project. It is a collaborative collection of common health and social service related ministries providing much-needed access to professional services that bring restoration, healing and liberation to our community. This new ministry hub will be anchored by the Hope Center, Acacia Medical Mission (clinic), Family Matters (counseling), Living Waters Healing Center and several other potential ministries. The possibilities abound for this exciting and very much needed opportunity!

The Need

The most urgent need for the Hope Center is a new location for its food pantry that is affordable and appropriate for its purpose. Eventually the Commons will provide a long term home, but in the meantime a temporary solution is desperately needed.

The Bulverde/Spring Branch community is home to an aging population, with particularly high mortality rates caused from suicide and cardiovascular disease (when compared to the state of Texas). A good proportion of the population also lives below the poverty line and has limited access to proper medical and mental health care. Local health and social service ministries need affordable, convenient, professional space in order to address these critical needs of the community.

The Solution

An existing barn/garage on the Homestead property can be converted into an appropriate temporary solution for the Hope Center food pantry. When the food pantry moves to its permanent home within the Commons, the remaining facility will be used by the Loft for storage and offices.

The Commons project plan is still under development, with multiple options emerging that could combine external grant funding with Riverside investments to sustain a ministry hub addressing needs across a wide range of medical and mental health conditions.

An initial list of prospective ministry partners is available for review, and a comprehensive prospectus for this specific project is expected to be completed for presentation in late October. The 10,000 sq ft building and $2M investment goal is our best estimate until the due diligence and prospectus are completed.

The Impact

The Hope Center at its peak averaged distribution of more than 1,000 lbs of food and $1,000 in financial assistance every month. With a new, larger facility owned rather than rented, we expect we could double the level of service and support to the community within one year.

Combining resources to more effectively service the spiritual, mental and physical needs of patients, the Commons project will have a substantial impact on the wellness and mortality rates of the Bulverde/Spring Branch community. The detailed projected service levels and their impact on overall care to this specific community will be addressed in the comprehensive prospectus currently under development and planned for release in late October.

The Goal

Retrofit Barn Into Temporary Food Pantry – $100,000

10,000 Sq. Ft. Commons Building –  – $2,000,000

Total Commons Goal : $2,100,000