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Capital Campaign Vision

The mission of Riverside Community Church is to partner with God to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. We’ve been blessed with an array of opportunities to love Him, love others, and serve the world. Examples of this include: His Love spread through the Loft, His Liberation through the Hope Center and His Leadership through the church. This capital campaign is all about expanding these core ministries and Launching more disciples, through freedom, to impact Bulverde/Spring Branch and around the world.


More people come to know Riverside through the Love they receive at the Loft than any other single connection point. A new home for the Loft addresses the need for a larger, more stable long-term ministry space. Learn More


The Hope Center has diligently liberated those in need throughout our community for the past decade, and it desperately needs a new home in order to re-open its food bank. This campaign will fund an immediate temporary facility for the food bank. Learn more


Riverside has faithfully followed His lead as we’ve journeyed from one temporary location to another. This past year, through a series of miraculous circumstances, He led us to be able to commit to purchase our current ministry center and surrounding property. Learn more

The Opportunity

Investment in bold expansions of Riverside’s core ministries is already well underway. God blessed us with unique opportunities to prayerfully move quickly and faithfully on a number of timely and highly impactful decisions earlier this year. This capital campaign serves two vital purposes: 1) to more comprehensively inform and update our faithful community on the details of these wonderful opportunities and 2) to invite and empower individuals, families, and friends to join in and support what God’s doing so that they may be blessed and so that these respective projects may flourish and exceed all expectations.

New Loft Property

Exterior View 1

New Loft Property

Exterior View 2

New Loft Cafe Designs

Interior View 1

New Loft Cafe Designs

Interior View 2


Amount Raised


Overall Financial Goal

Financial Goal

  • LAUNCH : Love • Liberate • Lead ($3,000,000) 35%

Capital Campaign Goal : LAUNCH ($3,000,000)

Our goal is to raise $5 million ($3 million from the Riverside Community) to fund these ministry expansions, pay off all associated debt and, ultimately, to enable the development and launching of disciples throughout Spring Branch, Bulverde and the world. Gifts and pledges to Launch 2017 may be paid over a three-year period.

Join Us As We Invest In A Legacy Of Love For Our Church, Our Community, & Our World