Our Story

Celebrating the History of Riverside Community Church

Strategic planning committees dot the church landscape. Somewhere somebody right now is no doubt creatively thinking about what their church will do next according to the data that they have gleaned. During the process the needs of the people and the historic ministries will be influential. No doubt the group will develop a wonderful plan for the future of the church. Then come the prayers for God to bless it all. A few years ago this annual tradition at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church broke.

Instead of strategically planning the future and praying for God to bless it. David McNitzky, the Lead Pastor, was lead by the Holy Spirit to ask the strategic planning committee to do things a little different. Instead of planning, they would pray. David asked that they would ask God what He wanted them to do. So they did.

One of the things God asked them to do was plant a daughter community. That daughter community is Riverside. It is with the appreciation of a well loved child that we say thanks for listening and for continuing to love us well.

And so we are a community of the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is an international outreach of God’s Kingdom making disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Its founder, John Wesley, was a passionate Holy Spirit filled biblical preacher and leader who changed the world by blending evangelistic zeal and social responsibility. We seek to express this rich Wesleyan Heritage.

Our denomination provides us with the ability to be wildly creative and far reaching, balanced with systematic accountability and historic rootedness.