Join Our Mission Team Serving In Uganda


Since our first trip in 2006 our vision for Uganda has expanded into areas we didn’t at first know existed. Through it all, however, we have been blessed by the laughter and beauty of the faces, overwhelmed at the hunger in the eyes of some way too small to articulate it, and amazed at the joy they see in things we often overlook. Community is something we talk about; it is something Ugandans live. They worship with their whole hearts and souls, completely uninhibited! They are a people filled with joy!

Several people are connected to Uganda through sponsoring children through Hope Africa. In addition to that we are beginning a relationship with a ministry called Musana. Musana’s heart is to be locally run rather than foreign run. We feel this falls in line with who we are as a community and feel we have so much to learn from them. This is part of their story:

Musana Community Development Organization was created when the team of founders of Ugandan and American University students discovered 162 children living at an orphanage in the worst conditions imaginable. In September 2008, Musana Children’s Home was established and moved 80 of the 162 children into a place they could finally call home. They are happier than they have ever been, getting three meals a day, proper medical care, a good education, and most importantly… LOVE.

Today Musana educates more than 430 kids; establishes microfinance projects to educate and help the local widows and impoverished women start their own businesses; and developes sustainability projects that include a tilapia farm, a dairy cow project, a chicken project, and agriculture project, a restaurant, and a craft project that employs women in rural areas and equips them with skills of making jewelry and tailoring.

To learn more about Musana click here The purpose of this team will be to develop relationships! If you can love on children, you are qualified! We will be partnered with Musana and focused on care for the children in and around Iganga, Uganda. We assist in providing for the physical and spiritual needs of these amazing people. Join the Uganda Team June 15-July 4. The cost is approx. $3500 and the maximum team size is 12. Click Here to Apply