Offer-Up Your Talents & Gifts In Worship & Service

Riverside is a community that seeks to understand the 1st Century culture and heritage that Jesus would have gown up in. Our heart is to translate that tradition into the Christian church experience He established through His disciples and the Acts Church. We do this because we live as heirs grafted into a rich inheritance. As part of the Worship Leadership we exist to first worship and be relationally connected to God, and second to help lead others to do the same.


In 1 Chronicles we learn the Levitical priests were set apart as holy before the Lord. He appointed them as called and skilled laborers to perform the function of leading others in worship. We seek individuals who understand this call. Recognizing that there are many skill levels within that calling, our goal is to provide opportunities for all who desire to serve.

In an effort to present our best before God, the Worship Leadership has established an audition process in order to better place each individual and/or to provide an avenue for improving skills.


Worship is the single most important act we can give back to God. It is a lifestyle, not simply a Sunday morning exercise. Throughout scripture we read of the importance placed on worship from the Levitical priests to David’s love of worship in the Psalms to Paul who reminds us in Romans to present ourselves a living sacrifice before the Lord as our spiritual act of worship. In light of these scriptural worship foundations, we at Riverside count it an honor and privilege to lead others both corporately and individually in the act of worship. “Therefore, let us present ourselves as living sacrifices before the Lord, this is our spiritual act of worship” – Rom.12:2




Sundays are our main connection point with opportunities to serve on the following teams: Sunday Worship Team Audio Video Team, The Restless (Youth Worship Team), Worship ArtsDance/Flag MinistryDramaCommunionGreetersSanctuary TeamUshers.



Riverside hosts a mid-week prayer and worship set with opportunities to serve as Worship LeadersPrayer Leaders and Worship Team Members.



This annual celebration has become part of our Riverside family tradition. Each year we hold Christmas Eve services at Anhalt with a children/family focused service and a more traditional candlelight service. There are opportunities to connect for both the Children’s Pageant and Worship Team.



We desire to connect to God’s heart for His people by honoring the Biblical rhythms of the Feasts. Every year we host a weekend Vigil over the Passover weekend (Easter – Spring) and the last weekend in Sukkot (Feast of Booths or Tabernacles – Fall). This time is dedicated to ministering to the Lord in worship and prayer as we stay awake and pray continuously through the weekend. We have many opportunities to get involved.