Giving Up on Christmas

Advent Life Group Questions

Series Overview

During this Advent season as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas, we will look at the Christmas story to see things that hold us back in life and how we can give up on those and move forward with Jesus.

December 2nd

December 2, 2018

Luke 1:26-38

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

John talked about how we all have things that are holding us back from receiving the fullness of Christmas.  This morning we specifically talked about giving up control.  As you read Luke 1:26-38 list all of the things that Mary didn't have control over?

· How much do you battle the issue of control?

John mentioned 3 ways that we fight back control.  

· The first was to be do you see Mary being available to what God is doing?   

· When you think about where you are right now, would you say that your life looks like you are available to this Christmas season?

Another way we push back fear is to be Humble.  

· How did we define being humble?  

· How do you see Mary walking this out?  

· What would need to change in your life right now to be humble this season?

Lastly, John said that we have to start living an "it's not about me" type of life.  

· How might you become an "it's not about em type of person" with your family, friends, co-workers this Christmas? 

· What did you need to hear the most today?  How will you respond?