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3.17.20 Update
  • We will have one worship experience this week. We ask that you stay in your homes and join us as one community on our Live Stream. You can find the stream either at any of these locations: Central Hub, Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.
  • The Hope Center needs you. Donations now have never been more important. In times like this the vulnerable and marginalized people are affected hardest. Please consider either taking part in a drive through donation experience or by visiting the Hope Center website to make a financial donation.
  • This week the Hope Center will be serving their members through drive through only.
  • The Loft Coffee House will be drive thru only with limited menu items starting today, 3/17, out of an abundance of caution. We'll re-evaluate on a weekly basis. Check back here for ongoing details and updates.
  • Our Student Ministry will be gathering as a community via Live Stream as well this Wednesday evening at 6pm. You will be able to find the stream via any of the links above or watch here.
  • We are putting in person Life Group meetings on pause. We encourage exploring video conferencing through sites such as Zoom or Gotomeeting.


IMPORTANT INFO! 3.15.20 service times will only be at 10AM!!! One service tomorrow at 10AM.

3.14.20 Update


We, as with the rest of the world, are following the impact of the Coronavirus on our area and the world. As Jesus followers, we are prayerfully moving forward with our mission of being like Jesus and building community where people can experience what Jesus is like. Part of that is that we are called to be people of prayer and action to be wise peacemakers who bring unity and love. What a great opportunity for the church to be those people during this situation, which has caused so much fear, confusion, and pain. Riverside family, here are some ways we can engage and some things we will do as a community moving through this situation.

  • If you or your family is sick, just like normal, stay home and join us online through the website, Facebook, or on your TV (via Roku, Apple Tv, smart tv, etc.) using the YouTube app search for Riverside Community Church. You can also find the stream on our website(, Facebook, or Vimeo
  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands whenever you have the opportunity.
  • We will continue to have our teams and cleaning crews clean and sanitize as they always do throughout the church campus (especially in our children’s areas) after use, and will do extra passes on high volume locations. With that, if anyone stocked up on extra sanitizer or disinfectant supplies and might be able to donate some this Sunday. That would be a blessing as we want to do our best to stay on top of the global shortage.
  • Be conscious of touching your face, and please cover your nose and mouth if you have sneeze or cough. Just simple stuff we get onto our children about all the time.  
  • As wise peacemakers, let us move forward in wisdom from our medical community, maybe we do a fist pump, or better yet a wave, or an elbow bump instead of the normal handshake or hug. Let us make sure our faces are kind and welcoming since maybe we cannot be with our normal southern hospitality physically that we know and love. Let us commit to loving each other and others in this way that anyone can feel the same and comfortable in community until this passes. We can always be kind and always be considerate, no matter the circumstances. 
  • Consider the calling of being a peacemaker, that is different than keeping the peace and very different than living based on fear. Consider how you communicate with people regarding this situation; am I doing so as wise peacemakers? Are my words representative of what Jesus might add to this situation, or am I inflaming fear? Cautious wisdom is not the same as fear, and we can help our world during this season.
  • Pray and pray some more. Pray for the medical community as they work hard to deal with Covid-19. When we look past the fear, we can see our global medical community demonstrating beautiful collaboration and tireless work to help those who are sick and stop the spread of this virus. 
  • Pray for our leaders (regionally, nationally, and globally). They, just like us each day, need Godly discernment as to how to handle this situation in ways that brings healing, saves lives, and brings peace instead of fear. 
  • Pray for those who are infected, pray for healing, pray for God to reveal to the medical community answers regarding medications and vaccinations. If all good things come from God then whether people admit it or not, we can be assured God is a part of the process. 
  • Pray for those who have been impacted, who have been quarantined, lost income, and especially for families where lives have been lost. Pray for comfort and peace that passes understanding and for the church to be a beacon of love and hope for those suffering.
  • Bring your own travel-sized antibacterial hand sanitizer and use it without fear of judgment while around others. Jason Carlettini likes this part, especially because he is a germaphobe and hopes this will continue after this virus passes.  
  • On Sunday, we will begin practicing this consideration based on wisdom from our medial communities in our greeting process and during our welcoming time in service. Still say hello, let someone know you are glad to see them but maybe with just that elbow bump, some kind words, and a smile. 
  • Let us be the people that push against emotional isolation as people can easily get disconnected because of situations like this. Instead, let us find ways to stay connected and care for one another via life groups, technology, etc. “Alone is bad” is one of our mottos, so let’s not allow this situation to push us or others away from what God calls us to, community. 
  • Check-in with friends and family who you have not seen lately, and please let us know if someone is ill so that we can join together in prayer.
  • Online giving has been a growing convenience for many families, and during this season, it might make even more sense for your family. 
  • As we go forward, we will consider adjusting things like the way we do communion during this situation, and we appreciate your patience, understanding, and openness to new experiences. 

We know that this is a lot of information. As followers of Jesus let us commit too engaging in this situation from a faithful, wise, prayerful, peacemaking perspective. Now that could be a beautiful picture of Jesus to a world experiencing a lot of fear and pain right now. 

Grateful for Jesus and You,

Pastor John, Riverside Staff, and Leadership