One More Series

2019 New Year Life Group Questions

Series Overview

Start of the new year by journeying with Riverside in discovering how to take simple but life changing steps in our faith. 

February 3rd

February 3, 2019

Acts 2:42-47

Opening idea: If someone were to ask you how you would define church what would your response be? 

What do you think the response would be to the same question for those not connected to a church or those who are not followers of Jesus? 

What do you notice about the two responses?

John said the Ekklesia is the Greek word for church. Ekklesia means "out of" and "to be called out." How should this definition shape our understanding of the church?

What does a "called out" life look like?

Acts 2:42-47 paints a picture of what the early church looked like. What kinds of things stand out for you from this passage.

John talked about this idea of 7>1. What does a 7>1 type of life look like? Is that idea more encouraging or convicting?

What is one step that you are willing to take to live an Acts 2:42-47 type of life?

January 27th

Take One Step to Let God Love You

"God loves you. He's on your side. He's coming after you. He's relentless.” Eugene Peterson

How have you understood what God’s love for you means?

How do you practically experience God’s love in your life? 

Receiving love has two parts, it must be given by one, and it must be accepted by the one it is given to. Practically speaking, what does it look like to accept God’s love? If you have a short story about this, please share it will the group.  

Read Hebrews 12:5-9 in the Message version if you have it or pull it up on a phone.

One of the key points on Sunday was that God is on your side. If you are honest, do you ever wonder what that means in your life? Do you ever wonder if He really is on your side in your day-to-day experiences (as a spouse, parent, friend, financially, etc.)?

From the description in the scripture, can you share a time when God showed he was on your side that maybe you did not feel that way initially? 

Read Psalm 13:1-6 

Have you ever experienced a time similar to that of the Psalmist where it seemed like God was far away, but you can realize he was really relentlessly pursuing you? Can you share it with the groups? 

Before praying together, is there an area that you have been struggling with God, letting God love you, trusting He is on your side, or not feeling like He is relentlessly pursuing you? Can you briefly, vulnerable share that with the group for prayer this coming week.

January 20th

Sunday morning John said that often times Christians live with a 2/3 view of God. The "average" Christian can talk who God is, who Jesus is but when it comes to the Holy Spirit often times things get really foggy. How would you define the Holy Spirit? 

Read Galatians 5:16-26

V. 16 says, "So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives..." What does that actually look like in your life to let the Holy Spirit guide you? 

Paul says the Spirit and our flesh are in opposition to one another. Where do you find that to be true in your daily life?

Does any of the list that is in v.19-21 surprise you?  

What is one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit according to v22-23? Who actually does the producing? That means, that if you are rooted in the Holy Spirit, you should be growing in all of these that true for you? What if we asked your friends, family or coworker if that's true?

John used the example of filling up a cup with a lot of different things. What would you say is filling up most of your cup right now?  

How can you begin to open yourself up to being more aware of how the Holy Spirit is already working in your life?  

What is one step you are willing to take this week?